Off Page Search Engine Optimisation

Most important elements

  • Link building
  • Directory submission
  • Article submission
  • Social Networking
  • Media Marketing
  • Social Bookmarking

How important Off Page Optimisation is?

Very common question I got: "What is more important ON or OFF PAGE SEO"? Well the answer is: both are important. You can't get good ranking if only one method is used. Off page optimisation is more time consuming process and it can't be done in few hours or days. The process can take few months, and OFF page SEO is "never end" activity.

On Page SEO vs Off Page SEOOne if you stop with off page optimisation, it is just meter of time when will competition websites take over your position. That is why payment for off page search engine optimisation is periodically (annual or monthly).

Changes on ON PAGE SEO you can see directly on your website. But OFF PAGE SEO operation is a little more hidden - like iceberg - only 10% is easily visible above water. 90% is much bigger part, but hidden under surface.

PAGE SEO.ORG website is concentrating more on ON PAGE OPTIMISATION - with very simple and easy free tool to check most important on page parameters of your website.

In future we will extend our website with useful off page SEO tools too - but that's the plan for the end of the 2011 year.