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    What is SEO?

    SEO is shortcut for Search Engine Optimisation - process for improving ranking of the website in search engine listings like Google, Yahoo or Bing.


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    What is On page SEO?

    On page SEO is process of modifying and optimising content of your website with main aim - better positioning in Search Engine ranking results. On site SEO includes the text, images and links on your website. Any change made on your site's domain is considered as on page optimisation.


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    What is Off page SEO?

    Off page SEO is process of activity on internet (outside from your domain) with main aim - to raise your website link popularity (link building, page rank, blog commenting, social networking, ..)


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News & Events

19th April 2011

PageSEO.org is online, but page is in beta phase.

22nd April 2011

First pages are tested. More results comming soon.

Welcome to PageSEO.org

Free online on page SEO check tool

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